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Movies and Books about Spanish Speaking Countries

Barcelona Parc Guell Wall

Continuing our look at books and movies that inspire us to travel (check out this blog post for movies and books about London, Paris and Rome) we decided to turn our attention to Spanish speaking countries. Spain, Mexico, and many countries throughout Central and South America have produced incredible artists, writers and filmakers, and so there are a wealth of movies and books you can enjoy that showcase the world's hispanophone countries. Here's our pick—let us know if you have any favorites that you'd add to the list.

The Secret Life of Bees

Peter in bee suit v2 071714 resized 600

I paid a visit to Rick and Nancy’s farm, Bear Meadow Apiary, in Ashfield, MA the other day.  They keep chickens, grow vegetables, and also have a bunch of bee hives.  Rick spends most Saturdays educating me about bees at the farmers market, pointing out the difference between bumblebees and honeybees, and explaining his current housing arrangement for the bees.  On a weekly basis, he gives me updates on what is going on in the hives. 

On this day in particular, I was specifically heading there to get a look inside the kingdom of the honeybees. 

Traveling with Spanish Teacher, Scott Saks


Every month, we're proud to introduce you to an extraordinary educator from the US who believes in the power of educational travel to shape the lives of students, both academically and personally.

Tour de...remind me...France?

tour de france yorks

Allez, allez! Yes, it's underway. The annual event that is the world's greatest cycle race, is currently in the thick of it. We're talking, of course, about the Tour de France. 

Running Away From Home: Exercising On Your Overseas Trip

Runner in front of Colosseum, Rome

For many people, travel plans provide the perfect excuse to abandon their fitness regime, and take a well-earned break from sweating it out at the gym. For others—particularly if working towards a particular race or event—the training can't take a vacation. 

7 Things to Do When You Return from Your Educational Tour

Welcome Back!

You’ve just returned from your educational student tour and are still reveling in travel’s “afterglobe”—the lingering feelings of happiness, confidence, awe, nostalgia, camaraderie and curious satisfaction that comes from a great traveling experience. Read below for suggestions on how to both ease back into your daily routine at home and make the most of your “afterglobe” experience.

Passaporti e dei Carabinieri

describe the image

So it happened to me at last. 

After 40+ uneventful years and fairly casual security on my part, my two passports were stolen in Italy. A friend of mine rented out a villa in Umbria for a week.  A few days there blew out my history of never having lost a single thing on my travels. 

It was a simple break-in; the crowbar type.  We were out for the day thinking how peaceful the country side looked, how charming Lake Trasimeno had seemed, and how wonderful the people were.  In the meantime, someone had figured out that there was nobody in the villa. 

Lunch at the Shard

London Shard 071514 resized 600

Of all of the days to get invited to the Shard for lunch, I chose the rainy day.  Of course, this is London and chances are that you are going to be looking out at a cloudy sky and a damp landscape with lashing rain most days of the week.  But hey – this is the Shard and I had never been and I was not missing this for the world.

Tour Manager Spotlight: Meet Dimitra Neonakis

image2014 07 11 resized 600

Get to know our tour managers, well-traveled and fascinating individuals who make your ACIS educational tour truly unique and unforgettable. Today we're happy to introduce you to Dimitra Neonakis.

2014 FIFA World Cup

2014 World Cup Final ticket 071514 resized 600

It’s over and as the world renowned English soccer player and commentator, Gary Lineker, has famously stated, “Soccer is a game played between 22 players, it lasts 90 minutes with a potential of extra time with penalties, and the Germans always win!”  How true indeed. 

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