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5 Steps to Planning an Educational Tour

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8 Instagrams That'll Make You Wish You Were in Japan Right Now

Cherry Blossoms in Japan | Taken by Instagram User @alessiaf113

One of the many highlights of Instagrambesides capturing your daily life in a colorful stream of photosis traveling the world through the lens of a complete stranger. The search feature on Instagram allows you to travel to all corners of the earth at a moment's notice. If an Instagram user has their location based services turned on, the photo will even reveal exactly where it was takendown to the neighborhood, square, restaurant or landmark. No more hashtag guessing game or comparing landmarks on Google images.

30 Movies to Inspire Your Travels

amelie film quote

You may have seen our recent blog post about books that have inspired the team at ACIS to travel. We also asked a similar question about films. Which movies fire up the wanderlust in us? Here's a list of 30 films—in no particular order—that give us itchy feet.

Are there any films that you find have inspired you to travel? Let us know in the comments below!

Tips for Traveling With Vegetarians on Your Educational Tour

IMG 9787 resized 600

I've been vegetarian for coming up for 18 years. I think it's fair to say most veggies are quite concerned about what they eat: we've made a conscious choice to avoid meat after all. The choices we have are inherently more limited in terms of what we buy, cook and when we eat out. Therefore what happens when we go abroad on an educational tour can be even more of a concern for us than our meat-eating friends.

I'm going to concentrate relaying my experiences on Europe, as it's the part of the world I know best. The first thing to say is that things have changed, a huge amount, even in the past 15 years or so.

The first thing we used to face, quite widely, was incomprehension. I recall years back ordering a vegetarian meal in Germany and eying the soup up suspiciously. I asked the waitress if it was vegetarian. "Ja" she replied. "But it looks like chicken stock" I said. "Good heavens, no!" she replied. "It's beef stock." She didn't seem to grasp that just because it didn't have pieces of meat floating around it, it should automatically qualify as vegetarian.

25 Books to Inspire Your Travels

on the road quote

A book is a way of exploring the world without ever leaving home. And while we would say there's nothing better than actually traveling, reading about the many amazing places in the world is a great way to find inspiration for your next trip.

A History of Fish and Chips in Great Britain

Fish and Chips 032714 resized 600

When I was a kid, I used to walk home from my swimming club and stop every Friday night at the fish and chips shop. I would buy myself six pennyworth of chips with crackling. The crackling referred to the batter that had separated from the fried fish. With lots of salt and vinegar the crackling was as delicious as the fish and chips themselves.

It was not a healthy walk home, but one of the more delightful culinary events in my childhood. It was always wrapped in newspaper. Think of it this way – deep fried food covered in traces of lead with some salt and vinegar. That is what “Britishness” is all about.

This dish was spared wartime rationing (rationing actually was introduced in 1940 and did not end until 1954) to boost the fishing industry and it helped to keep the British population fed well during the difficult wartime years.

This Landscape Outside of Paris Inspired an Art Movement

Giverny, France

After the winter months of hibernation, this week marks the annual re-opening of the Fondation Claude Monet – the once home and garden of the famous Impressionist artist. Situated in the town of Giverny, an hour north of Paris on the banks of the Seine, today, this charming small town is known around the world and has become somewhat synonymous with the Impressionist movement.

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4 Ways TripStream Can Help You Promote Your Educational Tour

5 Ways to Use TripStream Before You Travel

TripStream is a photo stream of our travelers' favorite moments on tour. The experiences are authentic. They're real and spontaneous. And they speak volumes to the beauty of discovering a foreign culture with a group of your own friends, peers and classmates.

If you're looking for a unique angle to help promote your upcoming educational tour (i.e. tug at those emotional heart strings!), here are four easy ways to use TripStream:

Europe's Most Historical Anniversaries to Commemorate This Year

uk feb collage

As highlighted recently in my previous blog post, there are many ‘big ticket’ anniversaries throughout the year, each with the capacity to add additional context to any travels you may be making.

Visiting the Museo Ferrari in Maranello, Italy

Red Ferrari

This blog post was written by ACIS Tour Manager, Giacomo Gambone.

It is one of the Italian icons. Alongside pasta, pizza, Renaissance and tacky politicians.

It is red. It is fast. It makes heads turn. Generates envy or admiration. It is, in one word, Ferrari. Probably the most famous motor brand in the world. The dream of hundreds of thousands of men and women, was set up in a garage, in the twenties, before starting up companies in garages was trendy. It was the creature of a single man with vision and ambition: Enzo Ferrari.

Born in Modena in 1898, Enzo decided, or so the legend says, to create a racing team on a day trip to Bologna, where he saw a car race. He was 10 and was literally blown away—not only because he was a little boy standing on the side of the road and cars were going fast. After that experience, he had caught the bug, and it all began there and then. Once he grew up and basically was able to reach the pedals, he started his career as a racing pilot: 10 years racing for Alfa Romeo.

The Real Difference Between Us and the Other Guys

Peter Jones

At this time of year, things get pretty busy at ACIS. Groups are traveling, others are planning future trips and our team is answering questions about hotels, cultural connections, rooming and flights. It’s what I often think of as the Topsy-Turvy time of year!

At all times, we maintain our promise of an exceptional experience. It’s what we love to do.

Over the years, I have learned that the difference (and sometimes the devil) is in the details of a well planned and executed educational travel program. I’ve heard horror stories of hotels in the middle of nowhere with our low priced competitors. Their sales people claim that location is not important, that a quality experience begins and ends with the flavor of a city. This “flavor” is doled out during daylight hours, then back on a suburban train or a local bus to a hotel miles from where you want to be.

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