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7 Things to Do When You Return from Your Educational Tour

Welcome Back!

You’ve just returned from your educational student tour and are still reveling in travel’s “afterglobe”—the lingering feelings of happiness, confidence, awe, nostalgia, camaraderie and curious satisfaction that comes from a great traveling experience. Read below for suggestions on how to both ease back into your daily routine at home and make the most of your “afterglobe” experience.

Passaporti e dei Carabinieri

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So it happened to me at last. 

After 40+ uneventful years and fairly casual security on my part, my two passports were stolen in Italy. A friend of mine rented out a villa in Umbria for a week.  A few days there blew out my history of never having lost a single thing on my travels. 

It was a simple break-in; the crowbar type.  We were out for the day thinking how peaceful the country side looked, how charming Lake Trasimeno had seemed, and how wonderful the people were.  In the meantime, someone had figured out that there was nobody in the villa. 

Lunch at the Shard

London Shard 071514 resized 600

Of all of the days to get invited to the Shard for lunch, I chose the rainy day.  Of course, this is London and chances are that you are going to be looking out at a cloudy sky and a damp landscape with lashing rain most days of the week.  But hey – this is the Shard and I had never been and I was not missing this for the world.

Tour Manager Spotlight: Meet Dimitra Neonakis

image2014 07 11 resized 600

Get to know our tour managers, well-traveled and fascinating individuals who make your ACIS educational tour truly unique and unforgettable. Today we're happy to introduce you to Dimitra Neonakis.

2014 FIFA World Cup

2014 World Cup Final ticket 071514 resized 600

It’s over and as the world renowned English soccer player and commentator, Gary Lineker, has famously stated, “Soccer is a game played between 22 players, it lasts 90 minutes with a potential of extra time with penalties, and the Germans always win!”  How true indeed. 

Travelling with Her Majesty...almost!

buckingham palace crest

There’s a chance that what I’m about to say may make me sound like some sort of Royal
groupie. This isn’t intended but here goes: when you spend the time I do hanging around Buckingham Palace (see what I mean!)...as a Tour Manager (sounds better?), you get to know the signs of ‘Royal on the move’. Headlights on a convoy, police outriders, a whistle or two—all signs of something happening. When out and about, another tell-tale sign can be people in their ‘best bib and tucker’ in anticipation of an imminent scheduled visit. 

Tales of Three Cities—Books and Movies about London, Paris and Rome

London Big Ben Twilight

Nothing gets us more excited about travel than reading a good book or watching a film where a destination is brought vividly to life. In many great works of literature or cinema, the location is as important a character as the main protagonists. 

Happy Independence Day!

Prague Fireworks

Tomorrow we celebrate the day America gained independence from Great Britain, and what better way to acknowledge the independence of our country than reflect on our own personal independence.

I’m sure many of us remember what it feels like to transition from childhood into adulthood. It can be difficult to navigate the process of becoming comfortable making your own decisions and accomplishing tasks without the help of the loving parents and guardians who have always been around to guide you in the past. For several reasons, traveling is a phenomenal way to develop independence.

I’m an only child, which means the entirety of my parents’ focus has always been on me – I could never just slip through the cracks. Anything I ever wanted to do and any place I ever wanted to go was scrutinized by my family to a T. While I always felt blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who cared so much about my well-being, it ended up with me feeling babied. I wanted to make my own decisions, go places on my own, learn from my own mistakes. Well, lo and behold, I got exactly what I wanted upon my first trip abroad without my family.

In the summer of 2011, I traveled to Greece – my first time overseas, and also my first time on a plane. Ever. I was, of course, nervous, but this was symbolically my first solo flight from my parents' nest, and I had to "take my wings and learn to fly." From learning how to calm my nerves without my mom to pat me on the back and tell me everything was okay, to navigating the winding streets of Athens and bargaining with locals for deals on food and souvenirs, I was reassured that I could, in fact, handle a plethora of new and challenging situations on my own. My confidence in my abilities to conquer my own life was solidified – I could be, and now was, independent.  

Wimbledon - a Quintessentially British Affair

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 Travel to the UK at mid-summer and you’re hard pushed from getting away from one of the most quintessential of all British events – Wimbledon. Of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments that take place annually around the world, Wimbledon is a cut above the rest. Not only is this the only Grand Slam to be played on grass (making it a faster and therefore more testing game), but it’s the world’s oldest tennis tournament and it enjoys all the pomp and ceremony that come with such a claim.

Student Traveler Spotlight: Meet Madalyn Stover


Each month we spotlight an ACIS traveler who reminds us that travel does indeed change lives. This month we're chatting with Madalyn Stover, a high school senior from Lancaster Country Day School in Pennsylvania. Madalyn recently traveled to China and will be attending college in China next year.

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